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Dabur Almond Hair Oil 500ml

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Hair Oil

Dabur almond hair oil is best for dry hair. Do you suffer from hair fall or dry and dull hair? Well to solve this, you need to address the problem at the source. Hair is made up of protein. Environmental problems like pollution, stress or even hair styling lead to loss of this protein in hair which in turn leads to hair damage. The hair damage eventually results in dry and dull hair or hair fall problems. Now say bye-bye to hair damage with Dabur Almond Hair Oil! Specially formulated with the goodness of Almond, Vitamin E and enriched with Soya protein, Dabur Almond Hair Oil gives damage-free hair and helps make your hair strong from root to tip. So why wait? Switch to Dabur Almond Hair Oil today!

Your hair suffers because of the ever-present pollution that has permeated every part of our lives today. So, it needs gentle care and protection, which will make it look healthy and shiny. This Dabur Almond hair oil is designed to give your hair that gentle love and caring.

Damage-free Hair

This Almond oil from Dabur protects your hair from all types of damage so that it looks softer and healthier at the end of the day.


It is enriched with the goodness of Almonds along with vitamin E, and soya protein, which strengthen your hair, prevent breakage and provide moisturization.

Non-sticky Hair Oil

This non-sticky hair oil can suit all types of hair and keep them protected from pollutants and damage all day long.