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Johnson Baby Lotion 200ml

TK 360.00

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Johnson Baby Lotion 200ml is specially formulated to be a gentle and soothing moisturizer on baby skin, yet effective enough to remove fatty residues from the baby nappy area. It is more effective than water alone because it removes unseen residues that can irritate and cause nappy rash and that water alone can leave behind. It leaves a thin protective film between nappy changes. Johnson Baby Lotion can also be used as a light body lotion for adults for all-over skin softness.

Benefits of Johnson’s Baby Lotion
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Helps the skin retain moisture, preventing moisture loss
  • Made from natural Plant Oil, and is pH balanced to suit the baby’s skin
  • Gentle and mild on the skin
  • Lightweight and non-sticky

Johnson Baby Lotion, in the net quantity of 200ml, is made from natural plant oil, is pH balanced and hypoallergenic, making it the best for baby’s skin as it moisturizes the skin thoroughly and also helps the skin retain the moisture. This is important because a baby’s skin tends to lose moisture quickly as it is thinner than adult skin.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion is lightweight and non-sticky in texture, therefore it does not feel heavy on application. It is also gentle and mild on the skin, making it safe for use on baby’s skin.

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